CocaCola - Tus Tapas Valen

About the project

“Tus Tapas Valen” was an application that allowed clients to participate in promotions and auctions, and win prizes. We got to 400.000 users in the time the app was online. First I worked FrontEnd with ReactJS, Redux and redux-observable, but then I moved to the Backend. I had to plan a big refactor while still working on new Backend functionalities. The Backend is built using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, AWS, and AWS S3

What did I work on?


  • Part of the development team using ReactJS


  • Refactoring planning
  • New database design
  • Complete backend development
  • CI setup
  • AWS EC2 servers setup
  • Parsed and imported 476 million records in a RDS
  • Various DB optimizations