More about me

I’m an experienced back-end developer and a DevOps enthusiast. I’ve been using Linux since 2010, so the terminal comes as second nature to me.

Like I mentioned on the home page, I have a passion for selfhosting as many digital services as I can. Here’s my full selfhosted list (updated Jan 15th 2023):


I have 4 cats. In order of adoption:

  • Cuca ♀: Feb 19th 2021.
  • Papo ♂: May 2nd 2021.
  • Chocha ♀: Sept 17th 2022.
  • Bollo ♂: Sept 17th 2022.

Cuca and Papo looking cute 😻
Chocha and Bollo being good kittens 😸


So far, I have 7 tatoos:

  • Right arm:
    • A rose on my hand.
    • A big rose on my forearm.
    • The two robots holding hands on the cover of Pink Floyd’s Wish you were here.
    • The 4 symbols representing each Led Zeppelin member.
  • Left arm:


I’m a Christian, more specifcially a Baptist protestant. Right now, I’m not planning on talking about religion on my blog, but I’m not ruling it out for the future. I will let the readers know before a religion post comes, in case they want to ignore it.