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About Me

Hello world! I'm a Full-Stack web developer from Valencia, Venezuela.

I have experience in both front-end and back-end, and DevOps. New technologies fuel my desire to learn more and more each day. I try to keep my code as clean as possible, following established standards for the technology I'm using at the moment. I love Open Source projects. Knowledge should be available to everyone who wants it

You can see or download, in a more traditional version, My Resume in English or in Spanish.

This is What I Do


I love how the power of a well designed backend reduces developers work.

Web Servers configuration

How can everyone go to my slick web app if it isn't on the web?


I also do some Front-End work. Who is going to know that you have an awesome Backend if they can't use it?

Scripts and automatization

Who likes doing boring repetitive stuff? Me neither, that's why I like automatization.

Work Experience

Currently, I am working as Backend Developer. I've been on several projects (most of them in Python but I'm moving to NodeJS), even before graduating from University. You can go to Projects Section and check it out, or, Contact Me. You can also find me hanging around in Fiverr! I usually sell my Web Servers configuration over there. My profile is where you can find all my gigs and reviews from other clients, so feel free to contact me over there as well!

Vascar Solutions
BackEnd Develper Dec 2016 - Present

I'm currently working for Vascar Solutions since December 2016. On my time in Vascar, I have been in many projects, most recently on Knac and Axelerist. "Knac" is a job application startup, empathizing on assessments to recommend candidates to a specific job. I worked on the backend with NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mocha, CircleCI, Heroku and AWS. "Axelerist" is a web app that connects to an external API and displays the client’s inventory in a more friendly and ergonomic way. I worked on the backend, managing the API connection, working on an API wrapper and user management. The app was made with NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mocha, CircleCI, Heroku and AWS.

You can find more detailed info about these projects in Projects Section.

Junior Web Developer | Python Developer Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

I worked in Cleteci C.A. from January 2016 to December 2016. On my time in Cleteci, I worked in two proyects, Phoebe and Alanna. Phoebe is a photography management system that allows to track, sell and manage printing states from within the app. In this project, I worked Full-Stack with Django, jQuery and PostgreSQL. Alanna is a Travel startup, that aims to ease the travel agents work, so they can deliver a high quality service. In Alanna I met Ruby on Rails and Angular.js.

You can find more detailed info about these projects in Projects Section.



NodeJS Express MongoDB


NodeJS Express MongoDB

Python Flask Firebase

Febeca, Beval & Sillaca

Python Telegram API


Rails Angular


Django jQuery


Information Engineering | Sep 2010 - Dec 2014

I'm a Computer Engineer from UNITEC (Universidad Tecnológica del Centro).


Berlitz English | Complete
English Course with practice & lesson sections, full English environment
Code School
1. Try JQuery, 2. JavaScript Road Trip Part 1, 3. Shaping Up with AngularJS, 4. Try Ruby, 5. Rails for Zombies
1. Google Analytics course, certified by Google.
Code Academy
1. Python (100%), 2. Ruby (75%), 3. JavaScript (75%)
1. Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects 2. Copyright for educators and Librarians

Other Repos

ga (Github) | December 2015
Google Analytics automatization script that downloads relevant data and sends it by email in a PDF to stakeholders.
biblegateway-scraper (Github) | May 2016
A simple practice with BeautifulSoup. A BibleGateway scrapper that gets bible verses directly to the command line.
telegram_tts_bot (Github) | May 2016
Telegram Bot converts text to speech via the Google Speech API.
ebptcd (Github) | August 2015
A small interface made for the "Educación Bíblica para Todos" CD for "Editorial Bautista de Venezuela.
questionsGame (Github) | May 2016
A little questions game made for Primera Iglesia Bautista de Valencia






Servers infrastructure

NGINXApacheLinodeDigitalOceanAmazon Web Services EC2Docker


SlackPythonRubySQLiteTelegram APIGoogle Analytics


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