Hello world! I’m a Backend web developer from Valencia, Venezuela, but now living in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I have a tendency to selfhost as much of my digital life as I can. Why? beacuse I’m a masochist I like to have control over my information and I want everthing to be as minimal as possible.

The full list of selfhosted software I’m running is in the about page.

If it not obvious yet, I love Open Source projects ❤️. Knowledge should be available to everyone who wants it.

You can have more information about me in the about page.

My latest posts

My personal projets
A restaurant index page for the city of Montevideo (Uruguay). 
A higly opinionated media server 
A Python script that removes advertisements from subtitle files. 
Home Assistant UTE (Administración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas) component for Uruguay 🇺🇾 
A convenient wrapper for interacting with the UTE (Administración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas) API in Uruguay 🇺🇾 
The Infinite Website
A web application that dynamically generates HTML on runtime using ChatGPT and serves it in an async Flask application. 

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